First Post

Back to blogging.

Had! The manifestation of Nuit!

Hail this first day of the Feasts of Liber AL.

On this date one-hundred fourteen years ago, Aleister Crowley, accomplished British poet, writer, record-holding mountaineer, and brewer, was with his wife, Rose Edith Kelly, on honeymoon in Cairo, Egypt.  Days before, after they had arrived under the pseudonyms of Prince Chioa Khan, and his Princess, Ouarda (Arabic for “The Great Beast and his Princess, Rose”), Crowley took his wife to the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Cheops and performed a magick ritual to demonstrate to her the astral light. Although having no interest or previous knowledge of the occult, Rose began for several days to periodically fall into trance and express messages to Crowley of the likes “they are waiting for you,” “there is a message for you,” “it is all about the Child,” and “the Equinox of the Gods has come.” And from there she provided evidence through a nearby museum by showing him the deity that she claimed she was receiving the messages from, and it was Horus depicted on a stele that had a catalog number of 666. Other qabalistic questions “drilled” to the previously “uninterested” Rose Edith Kelly, and Crowley became convinced of the authenticity of this occult experience and he listened. As a result, Crowley was then instructed by Rose to perform a rite of Horus each day for three days at noon and to prepare to take a message each day.  Rose added some corrections to the ritual of her own (perhaps “received instructions”) and changed a few traditional particulars, all to which Crowley protests that it means it won’t work. Nonetheless, it works. Each day for one hour, Crowley receives visitation from an emissary of the Gods and thus we have The Book of the Law and the Law of Thelema which it proclaims.

Today I celebrate the opening light of this three day feast by proclaiming this journey, this blog through time and space, in my own Thelemic conceptions, my own existentialist means and magickal attentions.  This journey of light begins on the first day of celebrations of the triune dawning of the New Aeon as prophesied by Aiwass, the prince priest the Beast, and his Holy Guardian Angel, Aleister Crowley. Today begins a new age for me and my return to fully-authentic blogging.