What is Thelemic Waves? What is True Will Tarot?

Hey, I have a new idea for a tarot and this new idea deserves, I believe, a patent as well as a copyright. This idea is not an answer to the above two questions (or maybe, in its way, it is). This idea is a marketing idea. I’m loath to write this as there’s the hope that this idea of mine does not get taken from me and no financial gain given me. But type this idea out I must, not forget it I must.

You’re familiar with the collectible card game genre? It all began with Magic The Gathering in 199?. A card game involving fantasy mythos creatures and magic powers played like a strategy football-game-like concept of war in an astral plane. Each player’s deck would be custom designed based on cards they purchased, like sports-memorabilia collectable, tradable cards, ad hoc in a collecting fashion. Consider the same idea applied to a tarot deck design. The marketing genius behind the original design, captured by dozens of game companies and brand names such as Pokémon, is that the consumer keeps enjoying new purchases of the product.

To the tarot pack I am considering, I want to stick first with my original design idea of The Landmark Tarot deck. In the Landmark Tarot, the twenty-two Major Arcana are created using images of various global landmarks such as The Supreme Court for Justice, the Great Pyramids for the Emperor, The World Trade Center for the Blasted Tower, etc. And incorporating the tradable, collectable card concept, the Minor Arcana would have a variety of depiction methods for each card. The original pack of 78 cards could be purchased singularly and, like the original G.’.D.’. and Thoth designs, as in the Marseille deck, the minors would be “pip” style designs. An alternate version of the deck could be available, or actually several alternate versions, some with an alternate pip design and some with non-pip, but Waite-type depictions. The “booster” packs of five would also be available, providing random varieties of the minors per pack.

The idea is to be able to provide so much variety, maybe even have alternate Majors in some packs, that a tarotist could virtually design their own preferred deck for readings – or even a variety of decks.

Well, anyway, in short, that’s my idea.


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