For Everyone: Although we are in an energetically expansive phase, nothing is moving very fast now. The Moon bounces into lively Leo at 1:08 pm EDT, amplifying our extroverted tendencies while creating conflict with the even-keeled Taurus Sun. However, a very subtle yet powerful tug draws us into the psychological depths as secretive Pluto turns retrograde. Meanwhile, a magical Venus-Neptune quintile inspires romanticism, spiritual pursuit and the love of beauty.

Taurus: You might be convinced there is a method to your madness while others try to understand your behavior. A spiritual Venus-Neptune alignment fills your head with beautiful fantasies and romantic illusions. Fortunately, you can discern the difference between fact and fancy now, so you won’t waste time pursuing an impossible dream. Nevertheless, you struggle with the thought that you may need to suppress your feelings so they don’t interfere with more practical concerns. Stephen Covey wrote, “Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.”

     – Rick Levine


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