Sunday’s Child

Today’s Taurus horoscope by Rick Levine

For Everyone: We are like surfers who must be vigilant if we want to catch the approaching cosmic wave. Preparation time is over and there’s no time to lose if we are to make the most of the days and weeks ahead. The enterprising Aries New Moon at 9:57 pm EDT triggers immediate action without fear of the consequences. Meanwhile, messenger Mercury completes its three-week retrograde period and turns direct as obstacles, whether real or imagined, slowly fade.

For Taurus:You might wish you could avoid people today because you don’t want to feel obligated to answer pointless questions. Although the self-willed Aries New Moon activates your 12th House of Spiritual Retreat, you can’t necessarily stay in bed under the covers all day. Upon closer examination you may realize that you’re not only keeping your feelings from everyone else, you’re also hiding them from yourself. Don’t waste your precious alone time; meditation quiets your mind so you can find the answers you need. Meister Eckhart wrote, “What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.”

You wish you could hide from any stresses that are present in your love life while the autonomous Aries New Moon mobilizes your 12th House of Spiritual Retreat today. However, if you’re in a committed partnership, you may not be able to conceal your feelings from the one you love for long. Take time to reflect and meditate on matters of the heart on your own before spilling your thoughts and emotions into your love relationship. This is a time for romantic contemplation.

We’ll see how this goes. I am not per se in the mood to stay alone today, but with the amount of goodness I posses in the form of tobacco and pot, I could sit and smoke and smoke all day if I liked.

Sunday. Today’s plans do not involve work of any kind. Typically I even have a massive limit of online activity on Sundays. This is because my Internet access is available only at restaurants, cafes, and outside the library which is closed today. My phone service is currently disabled as I’m pondering whether to keep Straight Talk one more month or buy a new Verizon compatible phone. In fact, I’m going to add to the possibilities by walking to Staples today and getting a free phone via a gift card I have for $5 and a phone they sale for $5. Will tell you more about it later.

Going now to smoke and then contemplate that walk


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